The Dragon Marked Chronicles

Fantasy- YA-Adventure


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Warning: This page my contain spoilers to the series

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The Dragon Sage

Book 1

The Dragon Sage_Ebook

Standing alone in a dark cell, Alec waits for the death he cannot seem to escape. The pungent smell of sweat and blood are permanently absorbed into his scarred skin. Though he can no longer hear them, the blood thirsty roars of the crowds still fill his ears. He knows his master won’t allow him to leave the arena alive this time.

As a light calling out in the darkness, Jade appears offering Alec salvation. He would do anything to escape this fate, including traveling to a foreign land as her bodyguard.

Freedom is not what Alec imagined. Stafford’s Battlemaster hates him, his fellow soldiers ignore him, and their healer refuses to treat him. Outside the city’s walls, a mysterious dragon becomes Alec’s constant shadow. Within, heated confrontations with Jade awaken a different type of fire Alec fears he will not be able to hide.

Suddenly gifted with powerful magic, Alec’s once dormant abilities show him a world much different from the darkness he has known. Both new friends and dangerous challenges await the spirited warrior as he sets out to find his place in this enchanted kingdom. The journey may prove even more treacherous then the arena as Alec discovers everything he thought he knew about his past is a lie.

Main Characters


Pronunciation Guide

black dragon mark
rose only

Alec/ Alakaid


Lady Jade Rosalyn Stafford


Alakaid            Al-ah-kaid
Alandra            Ah-lan-drah
Ariston              Are-is-ton
Bodhi                  Bow-dee
Elan                     Ee-lan
Ellfraya               El-fray-ah
Drageal                Drah-geel
Layfon                  Lay-fon
Leos                       Lee-os
Malyndor             Mah-lan-door
Marcia                   Mar-cee-ah
Parlen                    Pair-len
Rhordack              Rod-er-ick
Roskos                   Row-s-cos
Rios                         Ree-os
Sea of Narvee      Narr-vee
Titus                       Tie-tus
Zerrok                   Zah-rok

Airanlor               Air-an-lore
Infureono            In-fur-ee-on-o
Rokon                   Roe-kon
Surgeon               Sir-gee-on
Tsumorri            Sue-more-ee