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Warning: This page includes spoilers to the series

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Quest of the Five Flames (Mission Stone #1)

Book #1

Traitor. Murderer. Demon.

Earth elemental Garrett was known as all these things, and more, prior to his long sought after death. Having been reborn, his malice and ambitions have not changed. Nor has his plans to destroy anyone who stands in his way, including his fellow Keepers reincarnated as well. As a high ranking member of the Royal Guard, Garrett is close to the inner circle of Calesto’s royal family. His sights are locked on the sole heir, Princess Katana. Winning her favor will gain him a crown, stealing the stone of the Five Flames will infuse him with ultimate power. However, the relic was hidden from him centuries ago, just beyond his reach.

In the midst of Katana’s staged kidnapping, another sweeps in at the last moment, rescuing her before Garrett. The wind elemental’s golden eyes are far too similar to the one man Garrett despises more than anyone, Lord Zephyr, the one who finally sent him to the grave.

Macalen is Zephyr reborn, yet his desire is not for power, but for freedom. The son of a great general, his marriage and future have already been arranged. He wants to break free. Tries to break free, but duty and honor drag him back into line. Instead, it is Fate that leads him to the princess’s side where his skills with a blade are instantly put to the test. Unfortunately, the newly made warrior isn’t able to save them from being taken by Garrett’s hired thugs.

Greedy mercenaries, twisted nobles, and immortals with secret agendas, will all challenge Macalen’s growing abilities. As one battle leads to another, his new enemies may not be the biggest threat to returning Katana safely home. Macalen has his own secrets under close guard. If discovered, he fears it just may be what ultimately destroys them. For in his memories lay the location of what Garrett malevolently seeks, the Five Flames.

A page-turning, action-packed, fantasy adventure.

Pronunciation Guide


Macalen                           Mah-kay-len
Katana                             Kah-tah-nah
Neka                                 Knee-kay
Erathus                            Air-ah-thus
Lenora                             Len-or-ah
Kaento                             Kay-en-toe
Athora                             Ah-thor-ah
Zareonah                        Zar-ee-on-ah


Alturous                          All-tur-us
Amerryst                         Am-er-wrist
Arus                                 Are-us
Calesto                            Cah-lee-stow
Faranon                          Fair-ah-non
Rona                                Roe-nah
Tarus                               Tar-us
Tetsumina                      Tet-sue-me-nah
Sakai (Lake)                   Sah-kah-eye

gold orb

Wind Keeper

Macalen Lehaira

aka: Erathus, Lord Zephyr

red orb

Fire Keeper

Princess Katana Catalina Julian Winstead

aka: Lenora

blue orb

Water Keeper


Macalen is the reincarnation of Erathus, the most powerful of the five Keepers. Though at times a smart-alack, he is kind-hearted and duty bound to uphold his family's honor. Macalen is resistant to his arranged engagement. This causes him even more turmoil after he falls in love with Princess Katana. Macalen's inner strength is an asset to the immortal Fates, who in time, entrust him with great power that shapes the elemental into a mortal weapon.

The sole heir to the throne of Calesto, Princess Katana strives to balance her growing feelings for Macalen with her duty to the Kingdom. Having lived a somewhat sheltered life, she is not as prepared as the other Keepers for the battles to come. Strong willed and loyal, Katana is anything but a damsel in distress.

Arguably the deadliest of the five, Kaento is an expert spy. While he appeared to be working for Lexis, the Water Keeper is in fact a valued ally of Fate. Kaento tends to be a strong and silent type. He doesn't waste words needlessly, but is loyal and always carries out his missions to the end without fail.

green orb

Earth Keeper

Lexis Decker

aka: Garrett

silver orb

Spirit Keeper


Once a close friend of Erathus, Lexis's current consciousnesses has been consumed by his past life. Manipulated by Saber's spell, his personality sometimes teeters between violent aggression, and the tantrums of a child. These extremes worsen as the Keeper fights against the dark magic consuming him. Only help from the other Keepers will be able to free him from his imprisonment.

As the Spirit Keeper, Athora is the most clairvoyant of the five. She doesn't let her personal feelings cloud her judgement while can cause her to seem distant. Her ably to see into the future makes her a valued ally, and to her enemies, a dangerous threat. Above all else, Athora's goal is to keep the power of the Five Flames out of the hands of evil.