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(Book #1)

“Pack a bag and get out!”

Three days before her sixteenth birthday, Ella’s lonely life is twisted into a full disaster. The alpha’s son, Carrel, rejects her the instant he senses their bond. Refusing his mate isn’t enough. Carrel humiliates Ella, threatens her, and then banishes her from the pack. In a few short moments, Ella isn’t just an orphan, she is a pack-less rogue, not even old enough to shift and defend herself.  When she becomes surrounded by bloodthirsty werewolves, all seems lost.

Appearing from the shadows, a group of warriors unexpectedly come to Ella’s aid. Swift Wind is the second most powerful pack in the kingdom. Rumors whisper of their strength and ruthlessness. Ella doesn’t have much time to contemplate her dire situation as her first shift clouds her mind with pain and she blacks out. When Ella’s eyes open, she finds herself in a pack much different from her old home. Swift Wind is strong, but the members of this fearsome pack are also loyal and kind.

Taking a new name, Ella- now River, is accepted as an official member despite her odd colored fur and the strange powers her transformation has revealed. River soon learns that she is no ordinary wolf. Destined to defeat Cerberus, the King of Hellhounds, she must train to control her powers before the rise of the next Blood Moon. River’s new family cannot hide her forever. A formidable enemy is much closer than any of them are aware and he won’t stop until River is his.

The Dragon Marked Chronicles:

The Dragon Sage (Book #1)

“What am I? Why won’t you tell me?”

Standing alone in a dark cell, Alec waits for the death he cannot seem to escape. The pungent smell of sweat and blood are permanently absorbed into his scarred skin. Though he can no longer hear them, the blood thirsty roars of the crowds still fill his ears. He knows his master won’t allow him to leave the arena alive this time.

As a light calling out in the darkness, Jade appears offering Alec salvation. He would do anything to escape this fate, including traveling to a foreign land as her bodyguard.

Freedom is not what Alec imagined. Stafford’s Battlemaster hates him, his fellow soldiers ignore him, and their healer refuses to treat him. Outside the city’s walls, a mysterious dragon becomes Alec’s constant shadow. Within, heated confrontations with Jade awaken a different type of fire Alec fears he will not be able to hide.

Suddenly gifted with powerful magic, Alec’s once dormant abilities show him a world much different from the darkness he has known. Both new friends and dangerous challenges await the spirited warrior as he sets out to find his place in this enchanted kingdom. The journey may prove even more treacherous then the arena as Alec discovers everything he thought he knew about his past is a lie.

The Dragon Marked Chronicles:

Prince of Dragons (Book #2)

They have betrayed you, the woman’s voice suddenly whispered in his tortured mind.

Blood dripping down the tip of his battered blade, Alec cannot bear to look at Isabelle’s pale horrified expression. Above them, the roar of the crowds is almost deafening. Around them, are the slain corpses of his opponents. Their first official mission having failed, Alec and Isabelle are sold to Zerrok’s most prominent arena. Finding himself trapped as a gladiator once again is more than Alec’s nightmares coming to light, for to refuse his master is to end his partner’s life.

An unexpected foe aids the two sorcerers in their escape. However, upon returning to Malyndor, Alec is only allowed a brief moment of peace. A new threat has breached their borders, requiring a much more advanced level of magic to stave off the assault. Armed with the knowledge of the prophecy linked to his mark, Alec has never been more certain that he is cursed.

With each new battle, Alec’s powers continue to grow, as does the voice sounding in his mind. Her words he cannot ignore, and her voice Alec cannot seem to escape. Dark forces will test him and old enemies will try to push the Dragon Sage past his breaking point. Yet, as the prophesied time draws near, Alec begins to realize that the key to his destiny may not be in his life, but in the warrior’s death.

Mission Stone: Quest of the Five Flames

Sometimes even fate needs a hand.

Evil earth elemental Garrett, didn’t go willingly to the grave in his first life.  Reborn with the other four Keepers he previously murdered, Garrett’s quest for ultimate power is once more underway.  This time however, it is not just the stone of the Five Flames he seeks to steal, but the sole heir of the Kingdom of Calesto as well.

Wind elemental, Macalen, comes to the aid of the princess first; thwarting Garrett’s staged kidnapping, which he planned to use to win Her Majesty’s heart. Trapped in the clutches of Garrett’s hired thugs, luck seems not to favor the newly made warrior. One battle leads to another in this mesmerizing, action-packed, fantasy adventure as the fates of both Princess Kat and Macalen become intertwined.

Macalen must now fight to survive, protect the princess, and stop Garrett from retrieving the stone. All the while Macalen has his own secret under close guard. Only time will tell if his hidden identity will serve as the key to victory, or destroy them all.